Virtual Book History Conference

The book is a critical concept as resilient as it is amorphous, as fixed as it is fluid. It operates as a place of memory, where communication, intellectual advancement, and cultural contact may be reposed and retrieved. As often, however, books are characterized by their movement and circulation, as well as their ability to be reconstructed and reconsidered in different contexts to create new meaning.
Migrations of the Book will bring together a community of scholars from across disciplines and around the globe to investigate how books act both as vehicles for, and monuments of cultural exchange, and to consider what we may learn from this persistent tension between constancy and mutability that is so integral to the medium.

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Portuguese Presidency Europeana conference

On 3-4 June, Europeana will host an online event in association with Portugal’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union on the subject of building capacity for digital transformation of the cultural heritage sector. The conference builds on the momentum caused by the Pandemic and the resulting crisis to help shape a necessary shared understanding of digital capacity building and explore a vision for common approaches across the sector.

The conference will also briefly look at the Recovery and Resilience Facility and the opportunities it provides for the cultural sector. The working sessions of this event (2 workshop sessions) are by invite only and aimed at cultural and digital policy makers from EU member states and the European Commission’s Digital Cultural Heritage and Europeana Expert Group. As the event aims to support capacity building across the sector, all other sessions are open to the wider public.

Media and Information Literate Citizens

De Ziua Internațională a Cărții – 23 Aprilie – UNESCO lansează cea de a doua ediție a Curriculum-ului de alfabetizare informațională și media pentru educatori și cursanți. Evenimentul începe la ora 16:00 și se bucură de participarea directorului general al UNESCO, a prim-ministrului Republicii Serbia, a vicepreședintelui și comisarului Comisiei Europene și alți vorbitori de rang înalt. Agenda poate fi găsită pe site-ul evenimentului. Vă puteți înregistra aici.


During the international high-level event “Media and Information Literate Citizens: Think Critically, Click Wisely!”, UNESCO will lunch the second edition Model MIL Curriculum will be launched. The event will take place on 23, 27 and 29 April 2021.

The event is starting at 3 PM Paris time, with the participation of the Director-General of UNESCO, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Vice-President and Commissioner of the European Commission, and other high-level speakers. The agenda can be found on the event website. You may register here.

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Europeana Book Month

For the month of April, Europeana Education has launched the #EuropeanaBookMonth campaign.

This initiative aims to highlight the History of World Literature through the collections, editorials, and educational resources available on Europeana.

During this month, you can participate in a collaborative activity in Padlet where you can add your favorite book from Europeana until 22 April. After that, check the gallery on Europeana Classroom made with your contributions from 23 April and share it with your colleagues. From now you can check this gallery curated by Europeana Education with masterpieces of World Literature.

Also, every week information and educational resources about two books will be available at the Europeana Education Facebook Group. Some of these books can be read in Europeana Collections and others on the cultural heritage institutions website clicking in the name of the institution.

Reflecting back & Thinking forward

IFLA’s Literacy and Reading and Public Libraries Sections organize the online seminar Reflecting Back & Thinking Forward, between 12-15 April 2021.

On 12th April you are invited to ‘meet’ the world’s Children’s Laureates/Ambassadors and hear of their vision for the future – the virtual equivalent of ‘Welcome Drinks’.

On the 13th and 14th the focus is on how public libraries worldwide have responded to COVID and how the lessons learnt will impact the future. Also, will be explored some of the great initiatives around reading and literacy that have emerged during this time and how can be expand it.

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Centrul național de informare și promovare a patrimoniului cultural

Toți cei interesați de patrimoniul cultural sunt invitați marți, 30 martie, cu prilejul lansării Centrului național de informare și promovare a patrimoniului cultural, la un dublu eveniment:

  • de la 15:00, Prezentarea Centrului, a misiunii sale și a celor 3 direcții principale de acțiune precum și o vizită virtuală la Casa de Târgoveț din calea Șerban Vodă 33, sediul bucureștean al Centrului național de informare și promovare a patrimoniului cultural.  Detalii, aici.
  • de la 17:00, Dezbaterea pe marginea rezultatelor consultării externe și a strategiei Centrului (consultarea factorilor interesați)Detalii, aici.