IFLA Global Vision Ideas Store

iflaglobalvisionlogoWith the launch of this new platform at the IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in Kuala Lumpur, IFLA Secretary General, Gerald Leitner invites librarians and library friends from all over the world to contribute their ideas for the collective vision for future libraries.

The IFLA Global Vision Ideas Store will be the biggest ideas store for actions to make the Global Vison a reality. It will provide a source of inspiration for the strategic and daily work of librarians which will drive the Global Vision’s ultimate goal, to create a strong and united library field powering literate, informed and participative societies, further forward.

In 2017, IFLA started to explore the challenges and opportunities of libraries around the world. Never before has there been such an initiative which gives every single librarian in the world the chance to contribute – and never before have so many librarians from so many parts of the world contributed to a single, global conversation.

Alongside the launch of the Ideas Store, Gerald Leitner also unveiled the full IFLA Global Vision Report, which shows that across all regions, all library types, and lengths of library experience, we share a deep commitment to the enduring value and role of libraries. And across the global library field, no value was more highly rated than a commitment to equal and free access to information and knowledge.

“But we are just at the beginning. For the realisation of all the great opportunities which the Global Vision Report identifies, we need all of you. Your ideas and your actions” said Gerald Leitner.

And this is where the Ideas Store comes in! All ideas are welcome. But hurry! You have until 30 September 2018 to take part in the largest global discussion the library field has ever seen.

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