Make Data Love, not Data War

18056123_1465379440202872_6707269276311163990_oThe status of humans has evolved from social creatures to data producing creatures. Everything we do leaves a data-trace. The accumulation of data from a lot of people, also known as the study of big data can bring commercial profit, but also a social profit if the information is used to generate conclusions or programs that can help society. In the same time, almost everyone is now a user connected to the internet. At every moment, every user generates data that can pe seen by companies, internet service providers or other people. How can people realize which informations are good to giveaway and which are the ones to guard?

We are going to talk about the double sided sword of data in May in Brașov under the umbrella “Friendly Fire – Make Data Love Not Data War“. We are organizing a workshop dedicated to journalists, activists, sociologists, programmers. During the workshop we aim to develop a mini-documentary and some narrative products that explore the issue of transparency versus privacy.

The results of the workshop are going to be presented during a conference open to the public, that is going to take place on May 13th, at Centrul Multicultural al Universității Transilvania.

Centrul Cultural German from Brașov has invited Berliner Gazette to facilitate this event and document it via a film.

Workshop, Friday, 12 May: 09.00-16.00, at Centrul Cultural German, Brașov, str. Lungă nr. 31 (invitational)
Conference, Saturday, 13 May: 18.30-21.30, at Centrul Multicultural al Universității Transilvania, Bul. Eroilor, 29 (free entrance, please subscribe here
The events are going to use English and Romanian as communication languages.

Info: and, 0722 619 960

Centrul Cultural German Braşov | Deutsches Kulturzentrum Kronstadt

Berliner Gazette Redaktion
Laborazon Maker Space
Biblioteca George Baritiu
Centrul Multicultural al Universității Transilvania din Brașov


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