GOW17: One campaign with many dimensions


This year GOW will run 27th March – 2nd April. In 2017, Get Online Week challenges Europeans to learn, participate, share and create through thousands of events and activities tackling the digital transformation and its effects.

Fundatia EOS Romania has officially partnered with the National Association of Public Libraries in Romania to extend the 2017 Get Online Week campaign to further audiences in Romania. EOS and ANBPR will jointly deliver all the activities and will use common platforms to promote digital inclusion in Romania.

For the 2017 Get Online Week campaign, EOS and its partners will focus on the following objectives:

1. Provision of basic digital literacy trening to people who have no digital skills
2. Evaluation/certification of the level of IT skills of yoth and adults through the Certiport internationally recognised certification system
3. ICT for the blind and the promotion of the use of mobile devices for the elderly to ensure a more inclusive Society.
4. Computer science training and orientation for Youth aged 14-21 with the view of demonstrating their potential for future IT-related jobs.

Focus will also be placed on lobbying the national and regional governments to support national ICT initiatives and help more people be engaged in the knowledge Society.

The following activities are planned according to the topics:

Cybersecurity: EOS is planning to promote the self use of the Internet among younger children in its 2017 Get Online Week campaign. Romania has a high percentage of Young people who are sometimes the only ones using the computers at home (partents or grand-parents are not computer literate). By encouraging the use of some simple straight-forward online materials (interactive) EOS and its partners hope to help both children and parents/grand-parents to understand the dangers of online surfing. Only a responsible use can be beneficial for all. For this purpose, they will use a portal developed by Microsoft, Save the Children and Romanian National Police:


In terms of eServices, the EOS 2017 GOW campaign will have a very simple but strong approach. All those who will be attending activities, trainings or events in telecenters, libraries, etc. will be introduced to a new e-government service called Ghiseul.ro, which facilitates online payment by any citizen or company of over 60 types of different taxes in Romania. It works by signing-up and creating a user account and then choosing through various methods of payment. It is extremely important that more citizens become aware of this e-service since only under 7% of the population uses these kinds of means to manage their payments.

Employment and Entrepreneurship:  EOS will collaborate with Certipro Education in Romania to launch a brand new certification in Romania (it will be launched across the World in March 2017). The certification is called Entrepreneurship and Small Business Exam, and EOS will select 100 youngsters to win a free exam voucher and demonstrate their knowledgeand understanding of what entrepreneurship really entails.

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