Sustainable Library Development Training Package

The purpose of the Sustainable Library Development Training Package is to support and provide guidance to Peace Corps Volunteers engaged in library projects as both primary work assignments and secondary project activities. Training packages are used at Peace Corps posts worldwide to train and prepare Volunteers for their  work in the field. The Sustainable Library Development Training Package can also be used by Volunteers to facilitate workshops on library development in their host country communities. Each session plan is stand-alone and includes all relevant handouts; some handouts are repeated  from session to session. Listed below are links to the training package with session plans, PowerPoint materials, and all referenced publications.

 Sustainable Library Development Training Package (includes session plans)

Accompanying Materials:

PowerPoint: Session: Peace Corps Resources for Library Projects AND Introduction to Sustainable Library Development; Trainer Material 1: PowerPoint Library Photos

PowerPoint: Session: Library Supplementary Services; Trainer Material 1: PowerPoint-Library Scene Cartoons A and B

Libraries for All! (No. RE035)

Setting Up and Running a School Library (No. ED204)

Sources of Donated Books for Schools and Libraries (No. RE003)

PACA Using Participatory Analysis for Community Action: Idea Book (No. M0086)

New Project Design and Management Workshop Training Manual, The (No. T0107)

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